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Gallows Hill presents:

Gallows Hill VIP Pass!

The VIP pass is strictly for those who just don't want to wait in line.

By purchasing the pass, you get to come to the front of the line for the NEXT AVAILABLE show,

pick your choice of seat, and even get a 2015 Gallows Hill t-shirt as a souvenir of your visit, ($15.00 value) and a complimentary beverage!

This pass should ONLY be purchased for those visiting on Saturday when lines tend to be long.

The VIP pass is ONLY good for The Gallows Hill main stage show, not for special evening events or The Ghosts & Legends Trolley.

VIP Pass may be also be used on weekdays, but is not necessary.

AVAILABLE ON HALLOWEEN DAY! This year, Saturday will be our busiest day, so this ticket will sure come in handy!

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VIP pass: $38.00 per person.

2013 vip pass

Please remember that this is a LUXURY ITEM! Intended for those who want the VIP treatment.