Gallows Hill Salem

Gallows Hill is Salem’s top rated attraction, exploring the Salem witch trials and more. Filled with history, lore and special effects, The Gallows Hill main show is the perfect stop for the Salem visitor. Special events are available during Haunted Happenings in October, including Ghostly tours and haunted attractions.



We were talked into trying the Lost Museum walk through. Our tour guide was new and we were his very first group (and I believe the last group of the evening, but i’m not positive) and I WISH I could remember his name, but he was SO funny and awesome. I was surprised, I really WAS anxious and startled a few times, and my mother and son made ME interact with the guide and touch things because they were too scared. It was startling AND hilarious. I was so entertained, I loved it! Again, I wish I could remember his name, but if anyone reading this happens to know, please give him a pat on the back. We then settled in for the show in the theater. I honestly thought it was pretty cute, and a few people near me were pretty startled a few times. I could appreciate that a lot of work goes into the show. Finally we hopped on the Trolley. HILARIOUS. You will find if you’ve been to Salem before, or have been on a Trolley Tour (or walking tour) You will hear a lot of the same ghost stories and historical facts. So it’s up to the guide/narrator to really entertain you in how they tell the tales. Black Mary Widow is very good at what she does. You WILL be entertained. No doubt!
Bremen, Maine


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