Gallows Hill Salem

Gallows Hill is Salem’s top rated attraction, exploring the Salem witch trials and more. Filled with history, lore and special effects, The Gallows Hill main show is the perfect stop for the Salem visitor. Special events are available during Haunted Happenings in October, including Ghostly tours and haunted attractions.



My mother and I booked the trolley tour with the show, and it was definitely the best part of our trip to Salem.I actually expected the show to be cheesy but it was anything but. It fits only a small amount of people but the special effects and stories are both amazing and scary! The Trolley tour was absolutely spectacular, and Black Mary Widow had me laughing non stop. The Trolley tour takes you to sites you wouldnt normally see with other tours, however I strongly recommend doing the tour during the day, as it might be hard to see certain things once it gets too dark. Overall I loved both the show and Trolley tour and highly recommend it to everyone. BMW is HILARIOUS, engaging and if you do book I hope she is your tour guide.
Toronto, Canada


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