Here is what you’ll experience at Gallows Hill:

  • Actual testimony from the Salem Witch Trials retold live on stage.
  • Special effects and startling moments, including ghostly glowing orbs that cover the audience.
  • Witches from myth and legend, spectral beasts, ghostly images and haunting stories.
  • Historic Information about Gallows Hill and the innocent victims that were executed.
  • A Witch Trial, starring members of your group!
  • All this and more, at Gallows Hill!

Here is what groups LOVE about our show:

  • It’s educational; providing information about the darkest time in Salem’s history.
  • It’s exciting; using special effects to bring the show to thrilling life, including “in your seat jump scares” make this a thrilling, memorable event.
  • It’s LIVE; using professional actors from Boston and The North Shore.
  • It’s interactive; giving groups an opportunity to be part of our show by participating in the Witch Trial.