Santa Ana, California

Let’s get to it. Salem abounds in museums and tours. And that’s ok, because it means that there are a lot of places to redirect the masses away from creating what otherwise would be ginormous lines to partake in this, the very best, of all of them.

The historical presentation is simply the very best of all we experienced, and we did all the majors. It was not even close.

But the tour! Holy moly!! Black Merry Widow is an outrageously funny and entertaining hostess. Most of the tours are a slight upgrade to pamphlets and any of the many small paperback books on the local sights. Gallows Hill is the same information as them all, but it comes with an hour of side-splitting laughs worthy of a comedy House. Kudos to BMW. Kudos to “Daddy” the driver. Kudos to the whole team.

Oh. And be careful with your umbrellas. Just sayin…