Gallows Hill Presents: The Gallows Hill Main Show

 JOIN US IN 2021! We will update all of our events and times in January  2021, and tickets will be available for all events.

Open Daily in October,  10-8pm

Main show tickets are GENERAL ADMISSION Monday through Thursday.
Shows run every half hour, at quarter past and quarter of the hour. You will be seated in the next available show when you arrive.
Main show tickets are TIMED on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time on your ticket.

Late comers will not be allowed to switch times.  There are no refunds for missed times.

This is our main event at Gallows Hill.  You can also add this show to almost any special event in October. Using Holograms, ghostly projections, rumble seats, 4D effects and more, Gallows Hill brings to life what the Puritans feared: Witches and Ghosts!  The Main Show is an interactive, exciting, and immersive way to learn about the history and terror of the Salem Witch Trials.


Learn about GALLOWS HILL, the SALEM WITCH TRIALS and about GHOSTS and local legends, with Disney style special effects!

Questions? we have answers...

Is it a seated experience?

Yes, and air conditioned. Wheelchair accessible!

Does it have historical value?

Yes. We use fact-based history, legend and myth to create a unique theatrical event.

The October show now includes a witch trial, with the audience under suspicion of witchcraft!

Is it scary?

Yes, at times, so be prepared to jump a little.

There are some jump scares and  visual effects that may be frightening to some people.

We have special holographic and projection effects, rumble seats, air blasts, fog and  sound effects that happen in and around the audience.

Is it another walk through museum?

No, it’s unlike any other tourist attraction in Salem.

We do offer our haunted attraction,  The Lost Museum, which is a walk through.

Do things happen in the audience?

Yes, some effects actually happen in and around the audience, including rumble seats, air and fog blasts, projections and ghostly elements!

How long is it?

Show length is approximately 22 minutes, and runs daily every 30 minutes.

(Tour Groups enjoy a 45 minute show, with more content. Visit our groups page for more information.)

Gallows Hill makes for a complete interactive and memorable experience that returning visitors continue to see year after year.
Our five star ratings on TripAdvisor are a great way to hear from people who have seen it, so be sure to visit our reviews page!

Main Show Tickets:

Adults: $15
Child: $10 (7-13 years)  Children under 7 years are free, but MUST HAVE A MASK. 

Except for weekends, Main Show tickets tickets are NOT timed tickets, they are good for any of the The Gallows Hill main shows during the day up until 6pm.

If you are coming on a weekend, pick your time in order to secure  your ticket!

In October, the last show at 7:45pm

Buy Tickets for The Main Show

If you are also buying Lost Museum Tickets, and want to see both events back to back, choose a time 30-45 minutes before or after your ticket time.
Example: If you buy Main Show tickets for 3:15pm, then choose a 2:45 pm Lost Museum.

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