Gallows Hill Presents: The VIP Pass

Coming on a busy Saturday or Sunday? Wanna skip the line?  Well, the Gallows Hill VIP Pass is back from the dead to grant your wish.  VIP ticket holders  will be able to see the Gallows Hill Main Show and The Lost Museum without waiting. Just show up with your ticket and let us know that you have arrived.  Then, you will be first in  line for the next showing of  The Main Show, and first in line for the next visit into The Lost Museum.
Tickets available only for October.


Gallows Hill Main Show VIP admission ticket: $25.00 ( $10 more )

The Lost Museum VIP admission ticket: $25.00 ( $10 more )

COMBO VIP ticket: $48.00 ($18 more)

Additional info and restrictions:

PURCHASE THE VIP PASS ONLY IF YOU ARE COMING ON A WEEKEND.  We don't want you to waste your money, so we encourage you to buy regular tix if you are coming during the week.

Parties of more than ten for The Lost Museum will be split. We only allow 10-12 people in at a time. Wait time for the second group will be about 8 minutes.

If it is raining, VIPS must still wait outside. Our lobby is small and cannot hold groups of people.

If a large group has booked The Gallows Hill Main Show, VIPS may have to wait for the next show.

VIPS are welcome to book a specific time for The Main Show.  VIPS may do so at the front desk.

If a group has just gone into The Lost Museum, VIPS will have a short wait time (about 8 minutes.)