Is this a guided tour?

Nope! Its a seated performance.

If you want to walk, try our underground haunted attraction: The Lost Museum.

Or see both!

How much are tickets, and how do I reserve my seat?

 Tickets for The Gallows Hill Main  Show in October are:

Adults: $15
Child: $12

Please see our other events for pricing and October combo tickets!

There is no reserved seating, but tickets may be purchased at the door, or  on our website.

What is the Gallows Hill Main Show?

It’s a LIVE, riveting 4D theatrical experience, providing a well rounded view of The Salem Witchcraft trials, witches of mythology and legend, and ghost stories from Salem and the surrounding area, including the infamous Gallows Hill.

What is 4D? The audience experience effects like vibrating seats, air blasts and more.  Other effects include fog, glowing  orbs  and ghostly special effects, some of them happening right above you. School Groups have extended shows, with a talk back, witch trial and more!

Our intimate theatre seats 72 people, so every seat is a good one. Our show is open to the public daily in October, and available for groups April – November.

Is it scary?

Yes, at times, so be prepared to jump a little.

There are some jump scares and  visual effects that may be frightening to some people.

We have special lighting and sound effects, including “butt kickers” (speakers) underneath the audience.

Click HERE to read reviews from past audience members by visiting our reviews page.

Is it about The Salem Witchcraft Trials?

Yes, and so much more. You’ll get the facts on the witchcraft trials,learn the locations of important sites during the witchcraft hysteria of 1692, including Gallows Hill and see some truly frightening testimony taken from the transcripts of the witch trials. You’ll also experience legends of local witches, hear about Salem hauntings and witness some truly supernatural events.

The after show talk is a great opportunity to ask questions about Witches as they relate to history, myth and fact.

We have now added a witch trial, with the audience under suspicion of witchcraft.

Are you open at night?

Our last entry for  The Main Show, and The Lost Museum is 5:45pm.

During the summer, we close at 6pm.

In October, we also offer a variety of nighttime events, see the home page tabs for events and times.

For school groups, you can book a show starting at 9:00am up until 8:00pm

My ticket says 10:15am start time, do I have to come at 10:15am?

Nope. You can see any show time, up until 5:45pm.

These are not timed tickets, it is first come, first served.  We allow 70 visitors per show.

Last show is at 5:45pm.

In October, we have shows that run every 30 minutes, you can see a show anytime from 10:15am until closing.

In October, weekend lines tend to be long, so come early to see the first available show.


If I bought a ticket on line, can I cut the line?

Nope. The wait is usually up to 30 minutes for The Main Show. The Lost Museum line tends to be longer. (about an hour on busy weekends).

The VIP pass is the only ticket that allows you to see the next available show without waiting in line.

If available, go to the events tab, and select VIP Pass to learn more about the VIP Pass.