Visit our NEW ATTRACTION in the heart of Salem on Essex Street.

Explore the magical world of Professor Spindlewink!

Journey to magic realms and discover an enchanted forest, a crystal cave, a room of fantastic beasts and even an Ice dragon.

This amazing new  attraction brings a fantastic fantasy world to life by allowing visitors to explore magical realms.

Set up like an interactive museum, visitors can engage and interact with each realm.

Highlights include:

Entering The Wizards chamber and meeting Professor Spindlewink.

Discovering secret places in the Enchanted Forest where visitors can find  fairy homes and hidden grottos.

Seeing a Unicorn, a Phoenix, a Griffin and more in the Room of Fantastic Beasts.

Making sound and light in the Crystal Cave.

Viewing the  quirky characters  in The Hallway of Magical Portraits.

Exploring the Aquatic Realm and catching a glimpse of a real mermaid.

Venturing into the fantastical Ice Realm where you can  take photos with an Ice Dragon.

There is even a Dark Magic realm for those brave enough to seek the darker powers.

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