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My mother and I booked the trolley tour with the show, and it was definitely the best part of our trip to Salem.I actually expected the show to be cheesy but it was anything but. It fits only a small amount of people but the special effects and stories are both amazing and scary! The Trolley tour was absolutely spectacular, and Black Mary Widow had me laughing non stop. The Trolley tour takes you to sites you wouldnt normally see with other tours, however I strongly recommend doing the tour during the day, as it might be hard to see certain things once it gets too dark. Overall I loved both the show and Trolley tour and highly recommend it to everyone. BMW is HILARIOUS, engaging and if you do book I hope she is your tour guide.

Toronto, Canada

They offer a number of different entertainment options. We got the combo ticket that included the “Ghosts and Legends Trolly” and “The Witchcraft and Ghost Experience”. My 9 year old was able to go to both. The Theater show (Ghost Experience) was an outstanding show. A little history, ghost stories brought to life, some mild scares, and great acting. Next we went on the Trolly. Our guide was BMW (Black Mary Widow). My 9 year old and I were in stitches. BMW is awesome. It reminded me of the Boston Duck Tours, but with a creepy/Ghost angle. Got some history, Ghost Stories, and BMW made it REALLY FUN! May family and I would do it again in an instant. Note: They sell out quick, so reserve your spot

Clifton Park, New York

As October’s autumnal veil drapes Salem in a morphic mist, the month moves on toward Halloween, or Samhain Eve. And if you can find your way to Lynde Street, the Gallows Hill Theatre awaits you. For framed upon this stage, all within thirty minutes, is a live re-telling of the city’s spectral past; rising far above the tawdry offerings tendered elsewhere in town. And it somehow seems that here, however briefly, you can go home again. For within this small darkened chamber, lies the dream Salem.

Peter Stewart – Ossining, NY

I saw the show and took the Ghosts and Legends Trolley Tour with my husband and son the night we arrived in Salem for our pre-Halloween visit. The show was entertaining and informative. We really loved the trolley tour with Black Widow Mary. We enjoyed hearing about the interesting history and legends of Salem, and Black Widow Mary kept us fully engaged with her knowledge of the area, wit, endearing personality, and her exchanges with her daddy who was driving the trolley. My family and I have returned home from our trip and are still talking about this tour. I would highly recommend fitting this tour into your travel itinerary. Fun, fun, fun!

New Castle, Delaware

Let’s get to it. Salem abounds in museums and tours. And that’s ok, because it means that there are a lot of places to redirect the masses away from creating what otherwise would be ginormous lines to partake in this, the very best, of all of them.

The historical presentation is simply the very best of all we experienced, and we did all the majors. It was not even close.

But the tour! Holy moly!! Black Merry Widow is an outrageously funny and entertaining hostess. Most of the tours are a slight upgrade to pamphlets and any of the many small paperback books on the local sights. Gallows Hill is the same information as them all, but it comes with an hour of side-splitting laughs worthy of a comedy House. Kudos to BMW. Kudos to “Daddy” the driver. Kudos to the whole team.

Oh. And be careful with your umbrellas. Just sayin…

Santa Ana, California

We were talked into trying the Lost Museum walk through. Our tour guide was new and we were his very first group (and I believe the last group of the evening, but i’m not positive) and I WISH I could remember his name, but he was SO funny and awesome. I was surprised, I really WAS anxious and startled a few times, and my mother and son made ME interact with the guide and touch things because they were too scared. It was startling AND hilarious. I was so entertained, I loved it! Again, I wish I could remember his name, but if anyone reading this happens to know, please give him a pat on the back.

We then settled in for the show in the theater. I honestly thought it was pretty cute, and a few people near me were pretty startled a few times. I could appreciate that a lot of work goes into the show.

Finally we hopped on the Trolley. HILARIOUS. You will find if you’ve been to Salem before, or have been on a Trolley Tour (or walking tour) You will hear a lot of the same ghost stories and historical facts. So it’s up to the guide/narrator to really entertain you in how they tell the tales. Black Mary Widow is very good at what she does. You WILL be entertained. No doubt!

Bremen, Maine

The BEST Attraction in Salem, No Contest! The show was extraordinary. It was the perfect mixture of history and folklore, and the acting was professional. Nothing else can touch the level of entertainment this place provided. Top notch, all around.

Deerfeild, NH

Reviewing Ghost and Legends Trolley Ride with Black Mary Widow and Jack. Wonderful tour containing great information of Salem. Black Mary Widow made the tour an unforgettable evening she was truly awesome.

Fredonia, Pennsylvania

So glad we got tickets for the trolley tour with “Black Mary Widow”. She tells the creepy Salem legends with great skill, like the Baker Island story which she acts out while we see and hear the ocean – it was pretty eerie. Wonderful way to learn about Salem, see some of the sights and enjoy her wicked sense of humor. Loved it!

Jayne H

These people do an amazing job. If you have enjoyed the Gallows Hill show….do not miss the Lost Museum show. I don’t want to give anything a way….but DO NOT MISS THIS!!

John B